“Houston City Council to join lawsuits against SB4, challenging sanctuary cities law”

JUNE 21, 2017

“The Houston City Council has voted to join in the lawsuits against SB4, challenging the sanctuary cities law.  The 10-6 vote was made at a council session Wednesday morning.

“’When you’re dealing with an issue like this that we can’t solve around the council table, the best way to do it is to utilize our democratic process. Put it in the court of law and let the courts decide, is it constitutional or is it not? That’s where it should be resolved,’ Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

“Turner wants the policies in Houston to be enforced properly.”

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NEWS: “Mich. House panel passes legislation prohibiting sanctuary cities”

Associated Press
JUNE 11, 2017

“Legislation passed in a Michigan House committee aims to prohibit cities from becoming ‘sanctuary cities’ that don’t cooperate with immigration authorities and punish those that do.

“The House Local Government Committee sent bills to the full House that would prohibit cities and counties from becoming sanctuary cities and force them to cooperate with federal officials on matters concerning immigration. Additionally, it would render any law or ordinance that violates the act unenforceable.”

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NEWS: “Fake ICE posters target DC as sanctuary city”

The Hill
JUNE 1, 2017

“Several fake Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) flyers that call for residents to report “illegal aliens” surfaced in Washington, D.C. neighborhoods on Thursday. Washington officials quickly pushed back on the flyers, defending the nation’s capital as a sanctuary city.

“‘Tear it down!’ D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser responded to the flyers on Twitter.”

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NEWS: “Maine House rejects anti-sanctuary city bill”

Maine Public
JUNE 1, 2017

“A bill compelling Maine cities to act as extensions of federal immigration authorities has been rejected by the House of Representatives. The Democratic controlled House voted 77-59 against the bill in a preliminary vote.

“The proposal is known as an anti-sanctuary city bill. There are at least 30 such bills in state houses across the country.”

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NEWS: “New York’s City Council Seeks to Bolster ‘Sanctuary City’ Status”

The New York Times
APR. 26, 2017

“More than a half-million undocumented immigrants live in New York City, and government officials have already opposed the Trump administration’s efforts to deport them. Now the City Council is redoubling its efforts.

“On Wednesday, three of its committees held a hearing on nine bills aimed at expanding protections for the city’s undocumented immigrants, as well as Muslims and residents who are gay, bisexual or transgender.”

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NEWS: “What sanctuary cities stand to lose if feds have their way”

APR. 21, 2017

“Across the nation, so-called “sanctuary cities” are scrambling to assess what they stand to lose if the Trump administration carries out a threat to take away federal funds from jurisdictions it says do not comply with immigration laws.

“What’s at stake? It’s too early to say.

“Complicating the issue: There’s no clear definition for what constitutes a sanctuary city. It’s a broad term applied to jurisdictions that limit cooperation with federal immigration enforcement. And courts have ruled there are restrictions on what money the government can withhold from states and cities to influence local laws.

“Some mayors and police chiefs have pressed the administration to clarify its definition, saying they already comply with federal law. Their policies, they say, are intended to maintain trust between law enforcement and communities by not complicating their work with the duties of federal immigration officers.”

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VIDEO: “Empowering Sanctuary Cities”

“First aired: April 5, 2017.

“On this edition of Independent Sources, hosted by Zyphus Lebrun, the effort to empower sanctuary cities as pressure from the federal government mounts to upend the effort to protect immigrants in municipalities around the country. Why city hospitals are reaching out to immigrants as they see drastic drop in the numbers of that clientele. Then we meet Puerto Rican artist, Pablo Delano, who has created an art installation that explores the island’s colonial influences.”

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