NEWS: “Leitch pledges to deny funding to ‘sanctuary cities'”

MAR. 10, 2017

“Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch says if she becomes prime minister, ‘sanctuary cities’ that help migrants and refugees stay in Canada will not be eligible for transit and other federal funding.

“The cities of Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ont., and most recently Montreal have designated themselves sanctuary cities. That means undocumented refugees in those cities are granted full access to local services, regardless of their immigration status. Montreal became the fourth sanctuary city in February, after the number of refugees travelling across the U.S. and into Canada increased significantly in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban.

“Other cities in Canada are considering sanctuary status.

“Leitch tweeted last night: “One law for all is Canadian value. ‘Sanctuary cities’ will be ineligible for transit funding if I am PM.” On Facebook, she wrote a similar message, adding that these cities may not be eligible for “other federal funding,” too.”

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